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Production of carrier bags with or without imprint is one of the most important fields of our activity. They are made of LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, OPP, CPP poly films.
  • thickness: from 0,02 µ to 0,10 µ
  • width: from 70 mm to 650 mm
  • length: from 80 mm to 750 mm

Possible to be done: Application – packing of products:

  • imprint up to 6 colours,
  • technological holes and cuts,
  • bottom folds, side folds,
  • lengthwise weld,
  • eurotags,
  • undercutting of corners,
  • sticking of sealing tape,
  • sticking of a hanger,
  • with a hole for a hanger,
  • with perforation.

  • foodstuffs,
  • confectionery and bakery goods,
  • paper goods,
  • fashion and clothing accessories,
  • phonographic goods,
  • cosmetic – sanitary goods.

Our customers are small and big manufacturing and trade companies, shops, advertising agencies, whom we offer elegant packagings made to order in different forms, sizes, film thickness, according to individual needs.


Using our LDPE, HDPE, MDPE films, we make bags in a wide range of colours, sizes, film thickness, quantities, imprints, which allows us to meet diverse requirements of our customers.

  • thickness: from 0,018 µ to 0,14 µ
  • width: from 200 mm to 1300 mm
  • length: from 200 mm to 2400 mm
We offer our assistance with selection of the packaging through consultancy and development of prototypes. The goods are made to order.

We provide: Types of bags:

  • high quality of goods,
  • weld strength,
  • bags easy to open,
  • accurate size.

  • simple,
  • with side folds (cardboard box type),
  • with bottom fold,
  • closed with self-adhesive type,
  • for clothes protection,
  • film sheets,
  • perforated.

Our bags are widely applied to any industry and smaller craftsman’s workshops.

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