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ul. Cicha 27/9

kom +48 604 088 821

We offer flexographic imprints on all types of films manufactured by us, as well as on OPP and CAST films and our customers’ films.
Customers can order printed films in rolls and as ready made products (bags, DKT carrier bags, wicket bags).
  • Maximum width of printing is 1130 mm
  • Maximum repeat of print is 750 mm

Designs for inspection and printing can be emailed in a graphical program or supply on a disc or CD. As we cooperate with a specialist graphical studio, we provide consulting and professional service as to preparing or correction of graphic designs and making of printing matrixes (photopolymers).

We provide Application:
  • high quality and aesthetic workmanship;
  • adjusting colours to design requirements.
  • bands for automatic packing machines to pack: foodstuffs, confectionery, pharmaceutical goods,frozen food;
  • carrier bags;
  • industrial bags.

We invite you to cooperation for the good and development of our companies.

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